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Hi, I'm Kris.I offer a mobile bodywork practice serving the Seattle area, with evening and weekend availability.I practice bodywork that builds body awareness, encourages postural shifts to support more ease and less pain in the body, and explores the unique mind-body connection of each individual with compassion and respect. I tailor each session to each client’s specific goals, whether it's healing from an injury, working through chronic pain, and/or de-stressing.My practice is gender-affirming, trauma-informed, and consent-based.My Techniques
I use myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, gua sha tools, and elements of swedish massage to create a holistic experience.
My Guiding Principles
I meet my clients where they are at. I view bodywork as a collaboration. Though there are patterns in muscles, bones, and fascia - everybody’s body and body history are unique, and every client is an expert on what it is like to live in their body every day. With my knowledge and training and with the client’s insights on their own body, I work with my clients to identify their goals and build strategic treatment plans based on those goals.
My practice is trauma-informed and consent-based. The body and mind are connected. I recognize that trauma impacts people's bodies, and we do not always have control of how and when that triggers shows up. In the event that a client experiences any triggers during a bodywork session, I honor any boundaries, needs, and emotions that clients have and will make adjustments to increase a client’s feelings of safety and relaxation during each session - recognizing that those needs may change from session to session. Every client also has the absolute right to say what they do and do not want to happen with their bodies. I will always keep clients informed of the plan for the session, and clients can opt in or out of any component of the massage at any time before or during the session.I believe that people with every kind of body have a right to access affirming bodywork and healthcare. Because of unjust power structures in our society, a lot of folks experience shame and violence on their bodies whether it be because of their gender identity, race, body size, disability, sexual orientation, class background, or any non-normative presentation. My practice is a space that welcomes, affirms, and celebrates people with all kinds of bodies from all walks of life. I seek to support clients as they heal from the impacts of oppressive systems by validating clients in their experiences, pivoting my practice to suit each client's unique needs, and offering bodywork that invites more peace and alignment within the body and mind.I am inclined to investigate and treat the root cause of each client’s pain. A helpful tool in investigating the root cause of pain is observing the ways that a client stands, walks, and moves. These observations can shed light on patterns in the body that might be causing the client pain or dysfunction. If clients are open to spending a bit of time in this process, I find that the work on the table can be more tailored, effective, and might lead to more lasting outcomes.Finally, why nexus?
nexus (n): a connection or series of connections linking two or more things
My bodywork practice is grounded in the belief that everything is connected. The way we think is connected to the way our body feels. The bottoms of our feet are (literally) connected to the tops of our head in a fascial chain. Our bodies are a sum of our lived experience, and my intention is to explore the unique nexus of connections for each client to support them on whatever healing journey brings them to my practice.